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Can I take your products if I have had breast cancer or a hormone sensitive cancer?

How quickly should I see results?

Our community efficacy studies indicate that most people start to see improvements to their symptoms within 4-6 weeks. But every body is different. And how you live, plus outside factors play a huge part in how you transition through menopause. Our r

Can Liminal products be taken alongside HRT?

Although we have formulated our range to ensure there are no known contra-indications with the ingredients in our blends and body-identical HRT, we always advise that you speak to your doctor first. Then, if you'd like to discuss options further, you

I'm already taking a number of supplements. Should I stop these when I start taking your blends each day?

If you're on any medication and/ or you've been prescribed supplementation for a vitamin deficiency you should always check with your doctor before introducing Liminal to your daily routine. Liminal Peri-Boost and Meno-Boost are designed to deliver a

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